March 2016 Exhibit at Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY

In The Olive Grove

In The Orange Grove

Olive Tree with Sea View

Kalatha Beach II

Kalatha Beach I

Early Morning

Stone House View with Orange

Orange with Shadows I, Chania

Stonehouse View I

Kalatha Vertical II

Kalatha Vertical I

After Chania Veranda With Orange

Seitan Beach

Seitan Cove Above

Thalassic at Kalatha II

Thalassic II

Thalassic at Kalatha III

Thalassic at Kalatha I

Stone House View with Amphora

Looking Down At Akrotiri Coast

On the Edge

By The Cove

Seitan Cove Below I

Kalatha Vertical III

Seitan Cove Below II

Kalatha Vertical IV